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Feature Destination: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered North America’s adult playground. There are so many reasons why this is the location for many incentive style events -- endless entertainment opportunities, the airport is close to the action, and it is easily the most accessible destination in North America.

JET Event: Jenny’s Last Fling Before the Ring (May 2006)
The Venue: NY NY Hotel
How JET chose this venue: Jennifer was looking to take her closest friends away for a “Sex and the city” style weekend prior to getting married. Without actually having to fly to New York, and pay the exorbitant prices, what better way to live it up than in Vegas, baby? The NY NY Hotel & Casino was a natural choice for the event’s theme, but was also chosen because of its location on the strip and close proximity to key amenities, i.e. SHOPPING! We also found that the NY NY Hotel was less smoky and exuded more energy than many of the other hotels. A perfect getaway for a group of girls looking to rip it up!

Las Vegas