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Feature Destination: Maui

No explanation needed. Anyone who's been to Maui knows why it is currently one of the world's most desired vacation spots. The incredibly perfect year-round weather and countless pristine beaches make it a perfect place to get married, and it sure won't hurt to have to go back for anniversaries.

Maui has probably received the most thorough research of any JET destination, as JET's Captain married his lovely wife on the island himself in May of 2003. Unlike most husbands-to-be, he was responsible for almost all of the planning.

JET Event: Catherine & Ian Cooke's Wedding (December 2005)
The Venue: The Outrigger's Maui Eldorado on Kaanapali Beach
How JET chose this venue: For many years, Kaanapali beach has been categorized as one of the 10 best beaches in the world. Its shores are host to some of the worlds most recognized hotel chains -- Westin, Sheraton, Hyatt, and Marriott, amongst others. The Maui Eldorado is located right in the heart of this prime real estate, but can accommodate at a significant discount. It has ocean views, but is not quite ocean front. The only thing blocking this venue from the ocean and the spectacular beach is the 4th and 6th fairways of the Kaanapali North golf course. The private cabanas and secluded section of beach make up for the 3 minute walk to the beach.

Being located on one of the world's most desired beaches and costing significantly less money than other alternatives, makes the Maui Eldorado a popular venue for many of JET's events.

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