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Feature Destination: Orlando

For anyone who has been to Orlando and ventured outside the magical walls of Disney, knows that Orlando is a perfect location for a corporate event. After Las Vegas, Orlando caters to more meetings and conventions than any other city in North America. This is surely no accident. The whole city, even outside of Disney, seems to be organized to accommodate groups of any size.

Maui has probably received the most thorough research of any JET destination, as JET’s Captain married his lovely wife on the island himself in May of 2003. Unlike most husbands-to-be, he was responsible for almost all of the planning.

JET Event: NOW Solutions 3rd Annual Users Conference (April 2005)
The Venue: Loew’s Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios
How JET chose this venue: The success and perception of a corporate event, such as a conference, often times has more to do with the venue than the actual conference. If your delegates are not comfortable in their surroundings, they will remember that more than anything they learn at the conference they are attending. That is why JET chose this resort; the property is brand new, it has reasonable prices, and is easily connected to one of Orlando’s most recognized entertainment complexes -- Universal Studios and City Walk. You may ask, why Universal Studios and not Disney? The answer is simple -- the entertainment and amenities that comprise Disney World are not as easily accessible from the properties that cater to conferences and conventions. Simply put, Disney World is huge and you would not believe what sort of effect this has on a networking function. To create a perfect networking environment, you need a more intimate setting.

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