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JET is Just about Event Travel.
Located in Calgary, JET is a Destination Management Company (DMC) that works with groups of 2 to 200 throughout the planning process and takes them to locations throughout North America, the Pacific, and Caribbean. JET specializes in corporate incentive travel, conference planning, trade shows, meetings, and social milestones and celebrations.

Tip of the Month
When traveling to the United States from Canada, if a direct flight is not available, always try to connect through another U.S. city, rather than through a Canadian city. If you connect through a Canadian city, you will be adding at least an extra hour to your travel time to allow for picking up bags and clearing customs in the connecting city. .

May 2009
NOW Solutions chooses JET to plan and execute its annual Users Conference for a 5th year in a row.

March 2008
Jeanette Broadhurst and Anthony Noronha choose JET to plan their Wedding in Paradise.


Preferred Vendor

No explanation needed. Anyone who's been to Maui knows why it is currently one of the world's most desired vacation spots. The incredibly perfect year-round weather and countless pristine beaches make it a perfect place to get married, and it sure won't hurt to have to go back for anniversaries.

Maui has probably received the most thorough research of any JET destination, as JET's Captain married his lovely wife on the island himself in May of 2003. Unlike most husbands-to-be, he was responsible for almost all of the planning.